7 Benefits of Natural Bar Soap Over Shower Gel

7 Benefits of Natural Bar Soap Over Shower Gel

Natural bar soap is slowly gaining momentum back to showers and bathrooms around the world. While it’s still a niche preference for those who set intention on what to bring into their home and put on their skin, chances are you have noticed “expensive” soap bars popping up in the marketplace.

How can the lowly soap be elevated to such status? Let’s take a moment to gather some facts. You may decide bar soap is what you want and need.

Consider solid bar soap vs. liquid body wash or shower gel.

First thing first - we are talking about quality, small-batch bar soap made from scratch with raw ingredients. We are not referring to commercial “beauty bars” you find in grocery stores or drug stores. 

Plant oils and butters

Quality bar soaps are made with premium ingredients such as olive oil, shea butter, and plant-based essential oils.

Liquid soap and body wash (and many “beauty” or “cleansing” bars) are detergents in disguise - the foams and bubbles are produced by surfactants - chemical petroleum by-products. It dries your skin and disrupts the natural balance of the skin’s protective properties.

Your skin can tell the difference

Small-batch crafted soap contains naturally occurring glycerin, a humectants that attracts and retains moisture. Bar soap gained the misguided perception as being drying because many commercial “soap” is either a detergent (not real soap), or it has glycerin removed to make lotion.

No preservatives

Bar soap does not require preservatives to stay fresh, safe, and effective. Liquid soap, hand wash, body wash (and all personal care products that contain water) must be properly preserved with preservatives. Not all preservatives are harmful, but why not avoid it altogether when you have the option? It’s better for aquatic life in the ocean and your family in the bathroom.

It lasts a long time

As long as it has a chance to air dry between uses, a bar of quality natural soap will last you a long time. We are talking about 4 to 6 weeks and longer.

Let’s pause for a second. Yes, for the price of a couple cups of latte, you get to enjoy something that’s good for your skin and your soul, every single day, for over a month. How many things in your life can claim that?

No empty bottles

Refusing is more eco-friendly than Recycling - Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home popularize the 5 “R”s - Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot.

Not bringing products with excessive packaging into your home is the first step in living a conscious lifestyle. It also means you're not paying for expensive packaging.

Get a glimpses of the care we put into designing Pep Soap’s packaging.

You are not paying for water

The main ingredient for liquid soap is water, whereas the main ingredients for a solid bar of soap are the skin-nourishing oils and butters. Properly cured soap has very little water left in it, meaning you are getting exactly what you pay for.

You are supporting small businesses

Many small batch crafted soap are made by entrepreneurs running small companies. Your purchase makes a difference. Someone actually do a happy dance when you place an order.

Since I started Pep Soap, I am amazed by the focus, details, planning, and execution required to take a product to market. I have so much appreciation for small businesses, makers, and independent retail store owners.

Make a point to support the small businesses you love.


Action Step

Take a look at the ingredients of your favourite shower gel. Do you know what they are? Compare that with the ingredient list found in Pep Soap. See the difference?

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