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Black Lives Matter - My personal list of resources

Black Lives Matter - My personal list of resources

When we increase the level of understanding, we increase the level of compassion, which will ultimately lead to change. Like you, I’m educating myself. Here’s my messy notes and resources. This helps me, and I hope it’ll help you too.

Start Here

  • Talking About Race - Let’s Talk, Let’s Think, Let’s Act for educators, parents, and persons committed to equality. National Museum of African American History & Culture

Safe Space


The Power of Language

Understanding Race

Why “All Lives Matter” is missing the point

The Black Lives Matter movement emerged in 2012 when an unarmed black teen, Trayvon Martin, was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida.

Two years later, Ferguson happened. Michael Brown was shot six times by police, but he was unarmed. This turned the spark of Black Lives Matter into a flame, igniting protests and rage across the nation to bring awareness that blacks aren’t being treated equally.

This is when the "all lives matter" response was born.

  • All Lives Matter (#AllLivesMatter) is a slogan that has come to be associated with criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement (wiki). ‘All Lives Matter' implies that all lives are equally at risk, and they're not.
  • Cartoon by Kris Straub illustrating All Lives Matter. Quote: “i have the luxury of getting in my car today, getting pulled over for an expired sticker, and having a reasonable expectation that i’ll only receive a ticket instead of four bullets to the torso. right now, a lot of people don’t have that luxury. “black lives matter” never meant “only black lives matter.” it means they matter as well.”

The Whole Picture. Systematic racism.

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  • Malcolm Gladwell’s book Talking to Strangers. Ch. 11 Case Study: The Kansas City Experiments - so timely.
  • Also by Malcolm Gladwell - “David and Goliath” - a chapter on policing and legitimacy. http://podcasts.pushkin.fm/rh-david-goliath?sid=fb

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