Celebrate by Giving Back

April 10, 2018

Celebrate by Giving Back

Pep Soap is proud to be part of The Great Sandwich Make on March 25th.

In its 11th year, the Great Sandwich Make coordinated with local businesses and individuals for donations, corralled 50 volunteers to made over 1000 sandwiches and goodie bags full of incredible foods, beverages, and life essentials. Another 15 volunteers hand-delivered the kits on Vancouver streets, emergency shelters, and transitional housings across the city.

Awesome volunteers for The Great Sandwich Make

I have been saving soap ends and soap trimmings throughout the year. The bigger pieces of soap are donated whenever I run out of storage space, or at yearend together with money donation. But what should I do with the tiny pieces of perfectly good soap?

Soap shavings in the soap mold for our celebration soap

As Pep Soap’s April birthday approaches, I intend to make a few big batches of soap for donation, incorporating the tiny pieces and trimmings. To me, that’s the best way to celebrate.

When I learned The Great Sandwich Make, I though to myself - “Perfect!"

A whole lota wholesome food to make 1000+ sandwiches

Kim from flipside is the mastermind behind The Great Sandwich Make. In her own words:

"A bag of good food is WAY more than a bag of good food. It doesn't solve homelessness, at all. It doesn't curb addiction. It cannot cure the mentally ill. What this generous bag of food and essentials does do is this: It gives dignity, acknowledgement, care, momentum, energy, positivity, love, and possibility to 1000 people who spend their days just trying to survive to the next one. It is a bag of hope for these folks."


Each kit contains a sandwich, snacks, fruits, soap, and other life essentials

The Great Sandwich Make is a “rogue” charitable initiative - there is no board, no steering committee, no tax receipts, no website, no marketing; it’s just a whole bunch of nice people who are in a good spot in their lives doing something nice for some people who are struggling. The Great Sandwich Make's the purest form of humanity; no bureaucracy!

"You Matter" notes for the kits by volunteers

Pep Soap donated 500 bars to The Great Sandwich Make. It's an honour to be part of this great event with other local businesses in the community. The kits delivered not just food, but also care, love, and hope to those we touched.

Goodies are donated by local businesses and put together by volunteers.

event photo credit: Kurtis Stewart

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