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Distractions You Could Use Right Now

Cozy in bed with coffee and laptop - distractions you could use right now

What do you need at this crazy time other than TP?


We all need to take breaks from the news.

I reached out to my community of small business owners with big hearts. The goal is to put together a list of ideas to help you take a break from the news, the stress, and the uncertainty.

Here’s what we come up with:

If you’re in metro Vancouver

  • Check out Fanny’s Oh Sweet Day! Bake Shop on the drive. Her mini cheesecakes are gonna make you and your fam oh so happy.  Oh Sweet Day! deliveries to Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New West, and Tri-cities. Buy 5 mini cheesecakes get 1 free / free delivery service.

Mini Cheese Cakes from Oh Sweet Day Bakery on Commercial Drive in Vancouver

Minimalist Low Waste Natural Soap

  • Fulfill Shoppe is a zero waste online shop with delivery service to the Tri Cities, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, New Westminster. You’ll find dry pantry goods, cleaning and beauty products all delivered in refillable plastic free containers. Sisters Pam and Lori live in Port Coquitlam.

Shop zero waste from Fulfill Shoppe based in Port Coquitlam BC

  • Anna at myMomentum built an incredible community. Download the M app on your phone for daily bite-sized challenges for all things wellness. You’ll earn points for every challenge you complete to use for rewards from local businesses. Win-win-win!

myMomentum for daily bite-sized wellness tip

Rise & Renew

  • Piya’s The Handpicked Home at White Rock, BC gives you a lifestyle shopping experience with a focus on locally- and- handmade goods. She’s offering curb-side pick up and shipping across Canada and the US.

The Handpicked Home at White Rock BC Canada

If you’re in Seattle

  • You’ll love Jolene’s Public Goods and Services in West Seattle, where she supplies thoughtfully considered reusable and refillable options for home, on-the-go, and personal care with less waste. She ships to US and Canada. With the current stay at home order, she’s offering curb-side drop off and pickup for refills and products.

Owner Jolene at Public Goods and Services in West Seattle

For when you’re wondering what’s for (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and) dinner… 

  • Hop over to Eat for Living for a collection of recipes high in nutrients known to support the immune system. Jennifer is a holistic nutritionist specializing in gut health. And lemme tell you, her recipes are easy, healthy, and delicious. For example, here's her Sourdough At Its Best recipe that I've using with great success! Jennifer is based in Coquitlam BC.
  • For when you finally have time to make wellness and self-care a priority…

  • Join Natalie, The Pilates Mama for a workshop that will help you feel more grounded and calm, while also boosting your mood and morale. Connection, movement, and going inward are beneficial for processing thoughts and moving any stagnant energy, while also igniting creativity. No experience or equipment needed. Join online with your favorite pen and journal. Psst… she offers free live Pilates classes on instagram.
  • Amelie can help you let go of what no longer servers you so you can reach your greatest, unrestricted potential. She’s offering 25% discount on distance healing work for up to 10 clients. So, don’t wait if you’re interested. Use code 'peace25’. Liberate Your True Self is based in Port Moody BC.

    Hey Beautiful minimalist natural soap by Pep Soap Co.

    When you feel like doing some online shopping

    Here are some indie brands to check out:

    For your skin and your senses…

    Somerset Moss Botanical Skincare

    For your little one…

    • Long-lasting, sustainable play clothes for kids and women. Plus, they buy back their garments when your kids outgrow them! Jackalo is based in Maastricht Netherlands (soon-ish to be Washington, DC. You know, when the pandemic dies down! 🤞). Ship Worldwide.

     Play clothes for kids by Jackalo

    Expandable baby & toddler clothes that grow *with* your child

    For your home…

    Cozy throw blanket for the whole family by Breganwood Organics

    For your wardrobe…


    For a little delight…

    Chocolates to bring you delights by Solasta Chocolate

    Mild gentle handmade soap with essential oils. Treat yourself. Everyday.

    For when you want to tell someone you’re thinking of them…

    Fun Sea Otto Pins by LanaBetty based in Vancouver

    • Cute little 1-inche lapel pins: send one as a pick-me-up to a dear friend or neighbor. LanaBetty is based in Vancouver BC. $1 from each rose pin will be donated to the VGH Foundation to help pay for resources of front-line workers. Ship free to Canada and US. Small fee to the rest of the world.
    • Love & SUNSHINE Bundle: Coming soon by Pep Soap Co.

    When you want to spread even more good vibes…

    You’re here because you want to support small businesses. You’re awesome that way.

    Buying from small biz is just one way to support us. Here are other ways to show your support without spending a dime:

    1. Subscribe to our newsletter. I’m not saying you subscribe to everything (don’t!). But when you come across a small biz that you like, click that damn button to subscribe. Real businesses run by real people don’t send spams.

    2. Engage with us on social media. The way I see it: social media is a way for you and I to connect as real people. Real people with wants and needs, plans and dreams, friends and family. For me, this is true from day one, and even more important at times like this.

      My goal is to add delight to your day, one post, one story, and one bar of soap at a time. I’m gonna risk generalizing and say this: when you leave us small business owners a comment, share a post, or join a conversation, it warms our hearts ❤️.

      Not only that. The likes, comments, and shares are also indications to the almighty Instagram/Facebook algorithm that the content is relevant. Therefore, the post will show up on more people’s feed. The truth is this: None of us has a Super Bowl Ad budget, and most of us are working within the framework of the platform.

      When you and I engaged in genuine authentic conversations, it allows us small businesses to serve you better with the side benefit of reaching more people. #WinWin don’t you think?
    3. Tell a friend. Nothing is better than word of mouth. If you like us, tell a friend (when you can see them in person 🤷). In the meantime, share our posts, forward our emails, and FaceTime them to tell them how our products and services are making your day better.

    with so much love and gratitude,

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