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Doing the work

Doing the work

For the first time in a long time, people around the world are paying attention. People are listening.

What happened (and still happening) to our black brothers and sisters is not okay.

The one phrase I keep repeating to myself: Be useful.

This is an important moment. Can we breathe through our defensiveness and own our story? Can we get to a place where racism is no longer a problem? Can we look back at this moment in history and be proud?

Actions I’m taking:

  • Source ingredients and materials from suppliers who are in alignment with my values in equality.
  • Do the work to educate myself. You’ll find my personal messy notes and list of resources here. I’ll update this as I continue my learning.
  • Donate. Research non-profit organizations dedicated to equality in Canada. (Any recommendations?)
  • Continue to donate annually to Wikipedia (Why wiki? Knowledge is power. It’s in my heart of heart to keep wiki free and ad free)

Much more can be done, no doubt. The core work is in changing the SYSTEMS, for sure. But this is where I’m. And this is where I’m gonna start. You?

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