JusTea: Tea that makes an impact.

I met Paul, Tea Captan at JusTea, at Dunbar Holiday Market 3 years ago. 

He's a tall guy with a big smile on his face. I remember thinking "I'm gonna go talk to him".

From that conversation I learned that JusTea has been building relationships with tea farmers in Kenya since 2012.

JusTea certified fair trade supporting farmers from Kenya organic Hibiscus tea in BLOOM Pep Soap

JusTea = Justly Made Tea

JusTea have created over 200 jobs in rural Kenya, paying sustainable wages and investing in rural communities. JusTea is providing steady employment where there were none before.

BLOOM - an artisanal soap with hibiscus from JusTea.

Sweet and warm with Lavender, Amyris, and Benzoin. Finely ground hibiscus gently massage and exfoliate.

The hibiscus in BLOOM is the same hibiscus from JusTea's Little Berry Hibiscus - a beautiful burst of colour: pink hibiscus petals, purple berries, green lemongrass and red rooibos.

The organic herbs in this tea are grown by a Women’s Tea Co-op in Kenya.

In Paul's words:

It's the impact you have from your purchase and knowing where the money goes - back to the farmers in Kenya.

It's an honour to know Paul and his team at JusTea.


 JusTea and Pep Soap Gift Box for the holiday gift for tea lovers


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