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Our Sweet Partners

Our Sweet Partners

We are thrilled to partner with EastVan Bees in Vancouver and From the Farm in Maple Ridge to source beeswax and honey for our brand new Honey Orange soap.

EastVan Bees hosts beehives in neighbourhoods around Vancouver

Steve from EastVan Bees is a self taught beekeeper. Growing up with a grandfather as a farmer and his father a consummate farmer, Steve found the calling in 2011. Since that first bee hive on the roof of a carport, EastVan Bees has expanded to many urban locations, establishing hives at backyards and businesses throughout Vancouver via EastVan Bees' Host a Hive program.

You can tell beekeeping is a passion for Steve by reading his blog. Here’s what he has to say when going through a particularly difficult time…

I thought about the bees a lot during this time and what they have provided for me as far as an emotional connection to them and the people I have met via bees. The bees have really changed me and how I look at the world. Having Cancer and going through the treatment just pushed it up a notch. Life is short and uncertain so it must be lived with people and ideas that make you happy. I have decided that bees make me happy.


From the Farm in Maple Ridge, BC

Leona with From the Farm believes in sustainable living. She and her husband own a small acreage in Maple Ridge. They raise chickens for meat and eggs, Nigerian Dwarf goats for dairy, pigs for meat, and bees for honey and wax. They grow fruit and vegetables and preserve the excess every season. In summer months you can find her selling produce and eggs, as well as her famous fruit pies and donuts at her farm stand.

Bee hives on the farm

I visited her farm on a crisp sunny day in January while she was tapping big leaf maple trees on her property to make maple syrup. Leona is a ball of homestead knowledge. From canning to making dandelion fritters, from pruning fruit trees to spinning yarns with fibre from her own angora rabbits, she does it all. And she freely share her knowledge with the community.

Colour chicken coop on the farm

By providing for her family from the land comes appreciation, gratitude and respect for the food that they grow and raise. Leona had literally cried over spilled milk!

I am honoured to know people like Steve and Leona, who take action to live their values, and in doing so, make their community a better place.

Check out SUNSHINE with raw honey from Steve and Leona.

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