Pep Soap Gets A New Look

Pep Soap Gets A New Look

When we set out to redesign our packaging, the mission was simple: a minimalist, on brand packaging that stands out quietly.

But can we do without packaging? I had that debate when first launching Pep Soap, and I had the same debate again.

In the end, it was a conscious decision to have Pep Soap packaged and protected. We want a packaging option that keeps scents from pure essential oils in, but dust and fingerprints out. It cannot add bulk - with the goal to minimize carbon footprint from shipping, yet it must be resilient enough to perform in a retail environment.

We considered everything from materials used, colour schema, down to whether the label should have rounded or square corners. No stones were left unturned.

For example, we decided against using 100% recycled paper as labels because, while it allows us to make such claim on the packaging, the labels come in rolls of transparent plastic. To me, that negates the value of using recycled materials.

Every bar of Pep Soap is wrapped like a present - because it is a gift.

The new packaging presents a refined look while preserving the values of Pep Soap as a company. We hope you like it.

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