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Close this Year. Plan for the Next.

Do your annual reflection for 2020 and dream big for 2021


You know this already: 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. With that in mind, let’s do something different. Instead of rushing forward, let’s look back.  


The point is to make sure things you’re pursuing continue to matter to you even as life changes around you.

I do weekly review religiously. I also do daily reflection at night. It only takes a few minutes but it’s a ritual that helps me feel grounded.

December/January thought, is when I pull out the big gun: I do a full sweep of the past year.

You’ll be surprised at how much you forget: life’s treasured moments and hard-earned lessons. Lemme tell you, 2020 is an epic year for lessons learned.

Pain + Reflection = Progress
- Ray Dalio

As the founder of one of the world's largest hedge funds company and author of Principles: Life and Work, Ray Dalio knows a thing or two about learning and self improvement. Reviewing lessons, even painful ones, is worth the effort.

On the flip side, remembering your wins and accomplishments give you a happiness boost. It's safe to say everyone can benefit from that.

Resources to help you wrap up the year

A Tutorial on Reflection + a TEDx Talk on how to declutter your mind by Ryder Carroll.

Year Compass: a downloadable booklet. Block off 3 to 4 hours for this.

Year in Review on MarieTV: 3 powerful questions that’ll set you up for a great year ahead. This one will only take you 10 minutes.

Once you've a chance to look back, set the tone for the new year by choosing a one word theme for the year. You choose one word, or a short phrase, to sum up what we want to focus on. 

For 2021, I ended up picking 3:

Be Kind
Be Alive
Be Messy

I'm a big fan of slowing down, doing less, and prioritizing aggressively (which, not surprisingly, is what Pep Soap is all about). You bet I'm continuing that vibe into the new year.

I hope you’ll take time to reflect. Remember: do more of what makes you happy. Shine on!


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We hope that Pep Soap is one of those special moments in your day.

Be gentle with yourself. You’re SO worth it.

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