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Retailer Spotlight: Dandelion Records & Emporium

Retailer Spotlight: Dandelion Records & Emporium

We have a chance to chat with co-owner Laura Frederick of Dandelion Records & Emporium, a store on Main Street in Vancouver that is unique in so many ways.

How would you describe your shop?

Dandelion Records & Emporium is a shop owned by my husband and I in the Mt Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver. We carry an extensive collection of records. We also carry an eclectic selection of goods, specializing in unique gifts and accessories. We value products that are handmade, made with love and made to last. We also prefer to find locally made goods whenever possible.

What do you find most rewarding running your business?

I love to hunt for new products and I'm thrilled when I discover new, exciting, locally made products. I enjoy meeting and supporting local artisans and the great sense of community that develops. We do also carry goods from other places, but prefer to keep it either made in Canada or the US. Our customers seem to appreciate the care we take in choosing the products that we carry.

What keeps you up at night?

Like everyone else we are concerned about the rising rents in Vancouver. We've had our shop in Mt Pleasant for more than 10 years and we love the area. We hope that we won't have to join the growing number of small shops that are being forced out of the neighbourhood by increasing rents.

What do you like about Pep Soap?

We discovered Pep Soap through Steve at EastVan Bees (one of our great local suppliers). We liked the idea of the Honey Orange soap which is a collaboration between EastVan Bees and Pep Soap. Pep Soap offers soap made with simple, responsible ingredients. It's an eco-conscious company and we appreciate that. We really love the thought behind the product and it's packaging and that it promotes the idea of "living well responsibly". There is nothing artificial or synthetic about it, just real, honest soap. 

Pep Soap at Dandelion Emporium

What's next for Dandelion Emporium?

We hope to continue to thrive in a neighbourhood that is rapidly changing and growing. We want to be able to meet our customer's needs and to continue to support local artisans and find interesting products. I like to think the Emporium will remain a small store dedicated to the pursuit of providing our customers with an alternative shopping experience where quality and consciousness play an important role. 

Thank you Laura for taking the time to chat with us. The next time you are in the area, visit Dandelion Records & Emporium. You won't be disappointed.

2442 Main Street
Vancouver BC

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