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Self care ideas from real people

Self care ideas from real people

Self-care simply means taking care of yourself. It’s not one more thing for you to do or buy.

It takes effort to find sustenance in the day-to-day grind. With help from beautiful souls on Instagram, I put together some ideas here for you.

Here’s a list of self care tips and ideas from real people like you. Pick what you need at this moment, and always be kind to yourself.

Keep it simple

Minimalist natural soap to take care of yourself

Do you overthink? Me too. Thankfully Nicole is here to set me straight...

Nicole @nicolehobbes:

On meditation: try to clear the mind and just be


Heather shared one way she savours lavender in the summer:

Heather @naturaleclectic:

For me self-love is just letting myself connect to the beautiful simple moments of nature and soothing myself with simple things like adding fresh lavender sprigs to my tea in the morning in the summer.

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Go outside

Go outside for selfcare

Jacqueline @beautyreawakened:

Definitely jump into the ocean after work and then taking a shower with my favourite Pep Soap of course. (SUNSHINE)

Thanks Jacqueline!

Honey Soap

Shop Honey Soap SUNSHINE

Jessie @bimbleandburble:

Go outside and sit in the gardens

Stephanie @stephie_blu:

Beach time with a book!

Sam @somersetmoss:

Walk in natura and long soaks in the tub

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Sweat it out

 Sweat it out for self care

Sandy @yourinspiredmom:

Get on an exercise bike while listening to music and just pedal and sweat.

Michaela @mikonkenla:

Regular exercise and planning a day to do absolutely nothing!

(If I'm being totally honest... exercise doesn't excite me, but doing absolutely nothing does!)

Lavender and Mint Soap

Shop MIST: Lavender + Mint Soap

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Engage your sense of smell

Hey Beautiful Natural Soap with Sweet Orange and French Pink Clay

I love Kritsen's tip here... don't waste the lemon rind! 

Kristen @kristencoffield:

Inhale deeply the lemon rind after you squeeze it for your morning lemon water. 

Helena @helenalaneskincare

Put favourite essential oil blend by the kitchen sink and rub it in your arms and chest every time you pass the sink.

Rose and White Grapefruit sounds amazing Helena. It's so smart to put the essential oil blend accessible so you get to enjoy it often!

Natural soap LOVE + SUNSHINE

Heather @naturaleclectic:

Adding essential oil to a heat pack to soothe a sore spot or doing self massage with my own custom blends. Leeting the power of mother nature and scent calm my system.

Heather meant "heat pack", but you probably figured that one out already.

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Make yourself a haven

BLOOM natural soap with organic hibiscus

Marcia did a thing to bring joy and peace. Is there chaos at home that annoy you to no end? Maybe it's time to KonMari it!

Marcia @living_incontentment:

I finally fixed the chaos in the pantry. This now brings me peace and joy which is all the self care I need!

Faye @fayesmithmakeup:

This is my favourite for the moment... thanks Faye!

I look forward to my glass of wine every day. Helps me relax and signifies the end of my work day. 

Cathy @cathycena:
My essential oils in my diffuser and a warm bath are usually my go to. When I can't do that  a latte with a dear friend does the trick too.

Unscented pumpkin soap for dry or sensitive skin

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Kristen @kristencoffield:

Did you know fresh flowers and plants can add to your wellbeing?

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Use music

Music for self care

Sandy @yourinspiredmom:

Bright lights cover by Pentatonix and Betty Who on Pandora station.

Cathy @cathycena:

Nature sounds make me tranquil.

FOREST - natural soap with pine and fir essential oils and French green clay

Shop FOREST with Fir + Pint essential oils

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Morning routine

Self care natural bar soap with essential oils

I learned something new: Mirror work!

Lisa @bloomlisa:

For me, starting the day with space for stretching mhy mind as well as my body with some mediation, affirmations and yoga is a powerful daily pracdtice. I have also found that little hits throughout the day are extremely effective, like mirror work when I'm in the bathroom or deep breaths & visualization exercises as I transition between work and family and vice versa.


Mirror work by Louise Hay: Look into the mirrow and say nice things to yourself!

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Evening routine

Minimalist Natural Soap by Pep Soap Co.

Anita @wetrashtalk:

Having a skincare routine at night, using sustainable products of course. It's a way to whine down from a chaotic day and pamper myself for 10 minutes. Sets me up for a restful sleep.

1. Cleanse with my own soap 2. Mist with rosewater I made which is like a toner for me and this hydrates my skin and I let it dry before I moisturize 3. Moisturize 4. apply rose hip oil then I do the Gua Sha in my face 
I mist with my fave facial mist by @somersetmoss and then take a few minutes to read or reflect on the day. It helps me to unwind for a restful sleep.

Sam @samilesmackay:

I love to soak in the tub and get our and massage my face for a few minutes

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Unbusy with Lavender and Sweet Fennel

Chris @vancitywestcoastmama:

Sleep in

Kristen @kristencoffield:

Be sure to put electronic devices to bed an hour before you want to fall asleep

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Go slow, gratitude, give grace

Self care: Journalling a a great way to slow down and reflect.

Some days, life is HARD. Maybe you need mindset shifts to help you get through the day. Other times, you just need some distractions to pause and recharge.

Like Katherine, she's declaring a day off as mental health day - such a great idea!

Katherine @katherine_mckinnon:

I'm grateful I was able to turn my day off into a mental health day; filled with audiobooks, some chores, and a nap with my sweet kitty. 

Tameen @trajkods:

Sewing, sleeping, massages and dishes

Kristen @kristencoffield:

So, as horribl as Covid-19 is, there are things I appreciate more because of it. A great cup of coffee in my own kitchen, an early morning walk, a good book, laughing, cooking simple meals together, good friends, Zoom calls with our kids, quiet together time and so many simple pleasures that I took for granted.

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And don’t forget the basic stuff

Drink plenty of water, eat well, move your body, and get your sleep.

Performing a simple act of kindness can often brighten you own day.

Whatever the case, it’s important to pay attention to your need.

Take care of yourself. Everyday.

A hugh thank you to those who contributed to this blog post. You’re amazing.

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