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The one thing every woman wants for Valentine’s Day

The one thing every woman wants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that makes singles cringe and long-time couples roll their eyes. It’s a day you pay double the price at a fancy restaurant for a set menu that’s half as good.

I’m as perplex about the fuss around Valentine’s Day as you.

That dozen of long-stem red roses that comes with a stiff premium? Don’t bother. Most women don’t like red roses.

Having said that, Feb 14 comes every year. Why not celebrate the spirit of the day and show the person your love you care.

One time my husband and I found ourselves half an hour early for a movie and wandered into the theatre’s VIP lounge. The friendly waitress took our order, and asked which show we’re catching.

As we finished our wine, she came over and gently reminded us that our movie is starting in 10 minutes. There’s no need for us to keep checking the clock.

Let me tell you, it’s such a simple gesture yet it made me feel so good.

What’s the best Valentine’s gift for your wife or girlfriend?

Give that same feeling to the person your love:

Make her feel special.


Do all the planning.

When I say all, I mean ALL.

It doesn’t matter what you choose. I assume you know her enough that you won’t pick something she hates, right? You can take her to that new taco place in the neighbourhood. Or go to an escape room game. You can also buy Michelle Obama’s book and take the kids out for a day so she can actually read.

The choice is yours.

In fact, that’s the point. You’re the one making the choices so she can take a break from it.

Let’s face it. We all suffer from decision fatigue. But with the stereotype of women being better at multitasking, she’s usually the one who plan for the day-to-day.

Enjoying an experience without thinking about the logistics?



So, give it some thoughts and treat it as a proper project - it is. Create a VIP experience for her this Valentine’s Day. Remember, it really is the small things that count the most.

I can’t tell you how grateful she’ll be to have someone care enough to do that for her.

Beyond Valentine’s Day

But Valentine’s Day is just one day. As Gretchen Robin say: what you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.

Learn her love language and use it often.

Have a happy hubby/wifey/spousey Valentine’s!

p.s. If you’re stuck, LOVE and SUNSHINE are great for Valentine’s Day and everyday.


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The one thing that every woman wants... it's not what you think

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