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We are all creatives

Pep Soap Co. Inspiration LOVE and SUNSHINE photo by Emily Abdinor

Do you paint? Do you doodle? Do you enjoy writing? There are vocations typically associated with creativity - painters, authors, song writers, potters, jewelry makers, graphic designers. Photographers - as you can see in the beautiful photos here by the talented Emily Abdinor

But there are subtle ways where creativity shines through.

Perhaps you're a teacher. You design the classroom and lessons to facilitate learning. Or a yoga instructor exploring prompts to help us mere mortals to perfect downward facing dog. Maybe you're a brick-and-mortar store owner, continually refreshes and refines your store with keen eyes.

We need creativity not just in creating, but also in problem-solving, tweaking, experimenting. Trying things out, stepping out of our comfort zone, taking note, and trying again. We use creativity at pretty much everything we do.

For me, designing new products is my creative outlet.

There are distinct phases and many moving parts to bring physical products to market. It's challenging and rewarding. But my absolute favourite is the conception phase where I capture inspiration from the day-and-day and express it in another form.

I live at the edge of an evergreen forest. EARTH, BLOOM, and FOREST are inspired by the nature that's right at my doorstep.

Pep Soap Nature Collection Inspiration FOREST with French green clay Pine and Fir essential oils

For the Celebration collection, I want to invoke a sense of happiness. Bright, light, and sweet. LOVE and SUNSHINE celebrate local ingredients like fresh goat milk and raw honey from the Fraser Valley in Canada.

Pep Soap Celebration Inspiration SUNSHINE with raw honey and ylang ylang essential oil

The Mood collection is a personal journey of introspection. When you unwrap a bar from the Mood Collection, there's a hidden message read "Be trusting. Be bold. Be gentle.". The message is inspired by "Find Your Strongest Life" by Marcus Buckingham. It's a reminder to give yourself grace and space. MIST, RAIN, and STORM explore the raw that make you whole and real.

Pep Soap Mood Collection inspiration RAIN with Eucalyptus and STORE with Lemongrass and Activated Charcoal

How about you? What gets your creativity fire up?

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