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Michelle C
"A MUST-HAVE! It will NOT dry out your skin"
I love all the soap bars from Pep Soap but MIST is my all time favourite. The scent is so pleasant and you feel so refreshed every time after shower. I especially like how it leaves your skin soft and smooth and unlike other soaps made from artificial ingredients, it will NOT dry out your skin.

Jennifer K
"Pep Soap is my FAVOURITE."

I love Pep Soap so much! Each bar I have tried has been delightful in its own way: they all smell delicious, and the soap is super-high quality and is made with ethical natural ingredients and with love! <3 I have tried so many natural local soaps and Pep Soap is my FAVOURITE. A few weeks ago I ran out, and drove all the way to Port Moody from where I live in Surrey to pick more up rather than wait for it to be shipped! Now I make sure I always have a backup. :)

Beverly S
"Sensitive Skin is Finally Happy!"
I am sensitive. The strong, artificial scents in soaps make breathing more difficult. Harsh chemicals destroy my skin and it becomes like the desert. Pep Soap does neither. The scents are pleasant and the smooth lather of the soap does not dry out my skin. This gal is finally happy! Thank you Pep Soap Co., for making a product that is enjoyable to use!

Deborah H
The smell of STORM (Midnight at Rocky Point) is intoxicating. Sometimes I just pick it up and take a good long sniff. I get migraines and this scent does not bother me, it is actually soothing when I am in pain. As a soap, it is wonderful, it does not dry my skin. Thank you for this product, I absolutely love it.

Stephanie M
"Hands down the most luxurious bar soap."
Give yourself extra shower time.

Carol W
"You know how I can't stand scented soap - well I love this one!"

Volkert B
"I must say it is amazing."
I have been using your bar soap and I must say it is amazing.
I love the smell and also the lather.

Karen C
"I LOVE this product."
It lathers so nicely on my hair and leaves it feeling clean and silky. I also look forward to washing my face and neck with it in the mornings and evenings and love that I am using high quality, natural ingredients. I wish I had a larger vanity so I could alternate bars. I'm hooked.

Susan C
"It Is the best soap I have experienced!"
I love Pep Soap! It Is the best soap I have experienced! As a soap maker myself I appreciate a great bar! I love the soft velvety soothing feel of the lather and the beautiful colour combinations! The scent combinations are seductive too. I love the way Natalie has worked some Port Moody landmarks into the soap names...my favourite is Midnight at Rocky Point!

Kendall B
"All their soaps are AMAZING!!"
I absolutely love all the bars I have tried from Pep Soap! But the scent on Sasamat is a favourite for sure. I love how luxurious and silky the bars feel and yet they don't leave any residue.

"My skin feels lovely"
My skin feels lovely using this soap and the refreshing scent is just the thing I need when I get ready for the day

"Love it!"
Natalie makes the best soap, smells wonderful, lovely lather, the best ingredients and care poured into each bar.... Thank you for making such clean and wonderful soaps!

"Perfect in every way!"
I love Pep soap! I've been using it for a few years now, and always keep a stockpile so I don't run out! I use it mostly in the shower, and love the lather, the wonderful scents, and just knowing that a lot of thought and care has gone into each bar, to keep it natural, safe for skin, and as locally sourced as possible! Natalie is a wonderful person, and I honestly can't think of one thing I don't love about her soaps. Thanks, Natalie!

Carla M
"Smells like heaven"
Absolutely love this soap. And who doesn't love companies who pay tribute to a cool local hotspot by naming the product after them?
Pep soap is dreamy...definitely a must-have!

"Use it and feel everlasting clean"
The scent of the soap is pleasant and not over powering. The soap lathers well and after each use, the clean feeling from this hand-made soap is down right refreshing! Looking forward to try out the other products. I would suggest a rounded-edge version may soften the grasp of the soap, and the curves could make the showering experience ever more delightful.

Allen W
"Great soap!"
Love the use of activated charcoal & looks great too!

"Beautiful Product"
Pep Soap is beautiful. Clean, fresh and lovely to use. Natalie has a created an honest and trustworthy brand. As a consumer and retailer, I love using and selling her product.

Julia M
"Awesome soap"
This soap feels so luxurious and smells great! So nice to have natural products for my skin!

Leah J
"This soap is dreamy"
I love that Natalie has named all her soaps after local areas of Port Moody! This is one of my favourite scents!

Ali H
"Smells amazing!"
Smells and feels as luxurious as this bar looks. Natural and clean as well as decadent. Mild enough for the face and body without the black mess of other charcoal soaps. #soaplove

"My fave!"
A smooth and velvety wash experience. I love this scent and love the natural ingredients. A high quality bar soap. Plus Natalie is friendly and informative, providing great customer service. A fab local product!

Helen M
"Lovely soap"
Lovely soap and a lovely business- thanks Natalie!

Cath G
"It's excellent for hair!!!"
love the Early Grey soap .. it's excellent for hair!!! Finally found a simple shampoo for my hair. I've been having problems with dry scalps, but now no more! Thanks Natalie for your recommendation!

Kendall B
"The soap produces a lovely lather"
Beautiful soap! The fragrances are delicate, the soap produces a lovely lather, and the packaging is great. I always love to support brands that source ethically and sustainably ingredients to produce their products but the fact that their soap is fantastic is a bonus

Alissa M
"Delicious smelling soap"
Love this conscious business and their delicious smelling soap. The owner is a beautiful soul.

Janette T
"It makes our skin nice and soft."
My whole family is now using Pep Soap. It makes our skin nice and soft. Highly recommend.

Chantalle M
"Lathers beautifully"
Love my Mythical Forest Pep Soap! It's locally made, lathers beautifully and is made from high quality ingredients!

Julia S
"Wonderful on the skin and lasts a long time"
Outstanding soap. Wonderful on the skin and lasts a long time, unlike some other soaps that seem to melt away in the shower. I love that the ingredients are so thoughtfully, sustainably and responsibly sourced.

Julia G
"The scent is amazing"
Pep Soap offers so many lovely choices, it was hard to decide. The scent is amazing and the soap is luxury feeling <3 Thank you for creating such amazing soaps, looking forward to buying again.

Anthea H
"Very luxurious"
Natalie kindly provided me with sample soaps for my yoga studio. A number of my clients took samples home with them. Everyone has come back with very positive feedback. They all love the soaps - including their husbands! I tried a few of the soaps myself and so did my 10 year old daughter. The soaps lather really well and smell great. They are very luxurious. I feel like I have been to a spa after using Natalie's soaps. I highly recommend Pep Soap Co.

Dawn H
"Made my skin nice and soft!"
Was so happy with the soap that I had to get more! Awesome lather, smells great, and made my skin nice and soft!
I also have to add that my daughter and I both love the packaging.

Sheila C
"Amazing products"
Pep Soap Co. has amazing products and beautiful packaging!

Marcia E
"Smells so awesome"
The soap smells so awesome that my son thought we were supposed to eat it! Love how it's all natural and local too!

Julie C
"A real treat"
Loving the Sasamat Sunrise (geranium) at the minute, it's a real treat at bathtime and my husband has even commented on the lovely lingering perfume. Leaves my skin feeling wonderfully soft and smooth, a real treat

Faye M
"Moisturizing on my skin"
Pep Soap has exceeded all my expectations. It lathers unbelievably and smells absolutely wonderful. The first time I used Pep Soap, I was so pleasantly surprised how moisturizing the soap was to my skin. It was so unexpected since any facial cleanser in my experience that delivers the "scrubbed clean" feeling has always left me reaching immediately for the moisturizer. And did I mention how heavenly the scent is?

Michelle C
"Very impressed and happy"
I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago and I have so far tried Inlet Mist - Lavender Peppermint and Sasamat Sunrise - Geranium Palmarosa.

Firstly, I totally love the scent which is so refreshing and not artificial. Secondly, it leaves my skin soft, smooth, moist, and unlike many other brands in the market which tend to tighten my skin.

I guess it might have something to do with the many natural ingredients being used. I have to say I am very impressed and happy with the handmade soap by Pep Soap Co. I believe you have to try them for yourself to understand the difference. I just love them!!

Eun J
"Skin not dry anymore"
Hi you are wondering the quality of Pre Soap ?
Here you go;
My daughter , Racheal, 8 year-old , has a skin problem : one of her allergic reactions.
Her skin is so dry that I had to put a lot of cream all over her body as soon as she finished shower. Even though we only used good skin care products for her ,her problem drove me crazy.
once Natalie made her very first soap and I used it for Racheal without any expectation .
Guess what !!
While my girl enjoys the smell( my language is not English , I can't find the best word : forgive me about it) of her soap, I noticed her skin was not that dry even though she took a LONGER shower with more than warm water. This was very surprising things for us. I used to shout to her " just quick shower, ok ?! Or not very warm water, ok? Ever since her doctor said that no swimming , no bath but just quick shower.
But not anymore. I am doing internet things while she takes a shower . Not even bother to say "quick! No hot water! " b/c I know her skin is ok with her soap. You might think that I am exaggerating with her soap. But I am not at all. Why don't you try her free sample soap ?! You'll find I am right, more than right after using it.
She has expanded using of more ingredient; more collections.
Once I used one of her soap after a depressed day, just smell and bubbles of her soap took me somewhere very peaceful and loving that I really needed that day.
I found myself it's interesting that a soap could comfort me that way.
I know you'll have it same.